The Studio Critique Video

The 4 steps of Critique

  • Description
  • Analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Judgement

Each of these 4 steps should be written as individual paragraphs.


  • If you know it, tell the reader the title of the artwork, the artist, and any other information you have
  • Describe what you see to the reader
  • Be detailed and exact, but only include features/information that matters
  • Be descriptive: tell us color, size, shapes, what materials the artwork is made out of, etc.


  • Pick out the most important Elements of Art, Principles of Design, or Compositional Elements that you see in the work
  • Explain how these different components shape the way you see the image and/or
  • Explain how these different components drive the narrative
  • Be specific (“The boy on the left is wearing complementary colors in order to catch our attention”)
  • Use proper vocabulary, learned from our notes and our lessons (Line, sgraffito, formal balance, etc.)


  • Tell the reader what you think
    • The image means
    • The story being told is
    • The feeling or mood you get from looking at the work
    • The reason someone would make the image
  • Connect your interpretation to the Analysis you did (“The cool colors make me think that the man in the picture is really sad”


  • Tell me what you like about the artwork
  • Tell me what you do not like about the artwork
  • Tell me if there is anything you could learn or would want to learn from the artwork
  • It is ok to like, hate, or just not care about the work… but always justify your answers