The IB Road Map

The Road Map

  • The Comparative Study: 20%, external
  • The Process Portfolio: 40%, external
  • The Exhibition: 40%, internal

The Comparative Study

  • A written comparison of artworks (a PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Compares at least 3 different artworks
  • These artworks must come from at least 2 different artists or cultures
  • HL adds on a component where the student talks about how the selected works influenced their own art

below is an example of a Comparative Study page.
Comparative Study Example

 The Process Portfolio

For SL students the process portfolio is made up of 9-18 images, from at least two different art making forms.

For HL students the process portfolio is made up of 13-25 images from at least three different art making forms.

The Process Portfolio:

  • can be built from the IB Sketchbook
  • cannot include works used in the exhibition
  • shows evidence of experimentation and growth
  • does not have to be a resolved work
  • must show technical ability
  • shows evidence of decision making
  • can be:
    • sketches
    • images
    • photos
    • digital drawings
    • sculptures
    • text

Below is an example of a process portfolio page, taken from the IB sketchbook.

The Exhibition
For SL students this is 4-7 pieces, accompanied by a 400 word curatorial rationale.

For HL students this is an 8-11 piece exhibit, with a curatorial rationale of 700 words max.

Works included in the exhibition:

  • must be finished, resolved works
  • cannot be a work that was used for the process portfolio
  • must share a unifying theme or style

We basically have 7 months to wrap up an SL portfolio.  HL2’s have more time, but may be still feeling time constraints depending on how much of last year’s work can be used.  HL1’s can breathe easy, because even though their final exhibits and submissions are next year, they will be working at an SL pace, giving them plenty of work to chose from when they get to the end.

In order to meet pace, each month, starting with September, an IB art student must produce:

  • 1 Exhibit work (and one additional work in one of the months)
  • 2 Process Portfolio pages

Now we certainly want more works that these; these numbers would only help us to reach the minimum.

It should also be noted that while our classroom assignments will be geared to helping us meet this quota, some work by you outside of class will be an absolute must to reach our goal.