Postmodernism and Global Contemporary

Important Dates
1939-1945       World War II
1950-1953       Korean War
1964-1968       Vietnam Conflict
1970’s               Personal computer revolution begins
1985                  Based on previous systems, an international computer network (internet) is open and available to commercial interests
1991                   The Persian Gulf War

Tradition Fails

New Paths

The Idea is the Thing

Post Modernism

Woman 1, Willem De Kooning
USA, 1952 o/c 6’x5’
Abstract Expressionism, Action Painting

The Bay, Helen Frankenthaler
USA 1963 Acrylic on canvas 7’ x 7’

Seagram Building, Ludwig Lies Van Der Rohe and Philip Johnson
USA, 1958

Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing? Richard Hamilton
England, 1956 collage 10”x9”
Pop Art

Marilyn Diptych, Andy Warhol
USA, 1962 oil, acrylic, and silk-screen enamel on canvas

Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks, Claes Oldenburg
USA, 1974 Cor-Ten steel, aluminum, and cast resin

Narcissus Garden, Yayoi Kusama
Original performance and installation 1966 CE for Venice, Italy, mirror balls

Spiral Jetty, Robert Smithson
Great Salt Lake, Utah
USA, 1970 black rock, salt crystals, earth, red water (algae) 1500’x4’
Site-specific, earth art, environmental art

House in New Castle County (exterior and interior), Robert Venturi
USA 1983 CE wood frame and stucco

Global Contemporary

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Maya Ying Lin
USA, 1983 black granite each wing is 246’ long

Horn Players, Jean-Michel Basquiat
1983 CE, Acrylic and oil paintstick on three canvas panels

Summer Trees, Song Su-nam
1983 CE ink on paper

Androgyne III, Magdalena Abakanowicz
1985 CE burlap, resin, wood, nails, and string

A Book from the Sky, Xu Bing
1987-1991 CE mixed-media installation

Pink Panther, Jeff Koons
1988 CE glazed porcelain

Untitled #228Cindy Sherman
USA 1990 CE photograph

Dancing at the Louvre, Faith Ringgold
From the series The French Collection, Part I; #1
1991 CE acrylic on canvas, tie-dyed, pieced fabric border

Trade (Gifts for Trading Land with White People), Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
1992 CE oil and mixed media on canvas

Earth’s Creation, Emily Kame Kngwarreye
1994 CE synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Rebellious Silence, Shirin Neshat (photo by Cynthia Preston)
From the Women of Allah series
1994 Ce ink on photograph

No Crying Allowed in the Barbershop, Pepon Osorio
1994 CE mixed-media installation

Pisupo Lua Afe (Corned Beef 2000), Michel Tuffery
1994 CE mixed-media

Electronic Superhighway, Nam June Paik
1995 CE mixed-media installation

The Crossing, Bill Viola
USA, 1996 video/sound installation

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Frank Gehry
Spain, 1997 CE titanium, glass, and limestone

Pure Land, Mariko Mori
1998 CE color photograph on glass

Lying with the Wolf, Kiki Smith
2001 CE ink and pencil on paper

Darkytown Rebellion, Kara Walker
2001 CE cut paper and projection on wall

The Swing (after Fragonard), Yinka Shonibare
2001 CE mixed-media installation

Old Man’s Cloth, El Anatsui
2003 CE aluminum and copper wire

Stadia II, Julie Mehretu
2004 CE ink and acrylic on canvas

The Gates, Christo and Jeanne-Claude
USA, 2005 white nylon fabric and steel cables 18’ tall by 24.5 miles wide

Preying Mantra, Wangechi Mutu
2006 CE mixed-media on mylar

Shiboleth, Doris Salcedo
2008 CE installation

MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts (interior and exterior), Zaha Hadid
2009 CE glass, steel, and cement

Kui Hua Zi (Sunflower Seeds), Ai Weiwei
2011 CE sculpted and painted porcelain

  • Woman I
  • The Bay
  • Seagram Building
  • Just What is It…
  • Marilyn Diptych
  • Lipstick on Caterpillar Tracks
  • Narcissus Garden
  • Spiral Jetty
  • House in New Castle County
  • House in New Castle County, interior
  • Vietnam War Memorial
  • Horn Players
  • Summer Trees
  • Androgyne III
  • A Book from the Sky
  • Pink Panther
  • Untitled #228
  • Dancing at the Louvre
  • Trade
  • Earth’s Creation
  • Rebellious Silence
  • No crying Allowed…
  • Pisupo Lua Afe
  • Electronic Superhighway
  • The Crossing (water)
  • The Crossing (fire)
  • Guggeneheim Museum, Bilbao
  • Lying with the Wolf
  • Darkytown Rebellion
  • The Swing (after Fragonard)
  • Old Man’s Cloth
  • Stadia II
  • The Gates
  • Preying Mantra
  • Shiboleth
  • MAXXI National Museum
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Pure Land
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