Medieval and Romanesque Art

Concurrent Dates

325 CE Council of Nicea
476 CE Western Rome falls
5th c CE Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain
632 CE Death of Mohammed
711 CE Muslim armies enter Spain
1066 CE Battle of Hastings

Medieval Europe

The Conflict between Church and State
Secular vs. Ecclesiastical

The Wealthiest of Patrons

Merovingian Looped Fibula
Europe, 6th century CE silver gilt worked in filigree, with inlays of garnets adn other stones
Cloisonné, cloisons,

Purse cover
From the Sutton Hoo ship burial in Suffolk
England, 625 CE gold, glass, and enamel cloisonné with garnets and emeralds 8” long

Illuminated Manuscripts

Man (symbol of Saint Matthew)
From the Book of Durrow
Scotland, 660 CE ink and tempera on parchment 10” x 7”

Lindisfarne Gospels
Europe, circa 8th century CE ink, pigments, and gold on vellum 13” x 9”
Carpet pages, zoomorphic interlace, incipit page

  • St. Matthew cross and carpet page
  • St. Luke portrait page
  • St. Luke incipit page

From the Book of Kells
Scotland, early 8th century CE tempera on vellum 13” x 10”

Carolingian Renaissance
Charlemagne, Carolus Magnus

Equestrian Portrait of Charlemagne (?)
Germany, early 9th century CE bronze (originally gilt) 10” high

Saint Matthew
From the Ebbo Gospels
France, 816 CE ink and tempera on vellum 10” x 9”

The front cover of the Lindau Gospels
Carolingian, 870 CE gold, precious stones, and pearls 1’x 10”

Abby Church of Saint Pantaleon
Germany, 980 CE

Gero Crucifix
Germany, 10th century CE painted oak and gilded figure is 6’ 2” tall
Reliquary, Host

Otto III enthroned
From the Gospel Book of Otto III
Germany, 10th century CE tempera on vellum 13” x 9”

Saint Michael’s of Hildesheim
Germany, 11th century CE
Modular, alternate-support system, Romanesque, Bishop Bernward

  • Bronze doors

Romanesque Art

Feudalism and Towns

The “White Robe of the Church”



Church of Sainte-Foy
France, 1130 CE Stone

  • The Last Judgment

Reliquary of Sainte-Foy
France, 9th century CE with later additions, gold, silver, gemstones, and enamle over wood

France, Toulouse, 1070 CE
Radiating chapels, Compound piers, ribs

Baptistery of San Giovanni
Italy, Florence, 1059 CE Dome is 90’ in diameter
Arcade, blind arcade, incrustation

Christ in Majesty with angels and 24 elders
From the south portal of Saint-Pierre
France, 1115 CE marble 17’ wide at base

The Last Judgment, by Giselbertus
From Saint-Lazare Cathedral of the city of Autun
France, 1120 CE marble 21’ wide at base

Ascension of Christ and Mission of the Apostles
From La Madeleine Cathedral of the city of Vezelay
France, 1120 CE

Bayeux Tapestry (multiple views)
France, 1135 CE embroidered wool on linen 2’ x 230’

Romanesque Church Floor Plan

Label the following parts of the plan below: ambulatory, apse, bay, crossing square, nave, transept, radiating chapel, aisles, and choir.

Romanesque Portal Elevation

Label the following parts of a Romanesque portal on the diagram below: lintel, tympanum, archivolts, voussoir, trumeau, and jambs.