Sketch for At Home Exhibition Piece

So the month of September has almost passed us by, and yet we need a piece for your Exhibition if we are to keep on schedule.

We have spent our time so far looking up artists and trying to generate a theme—all things we needed to do.  But now we need to take some time to make an actual work.

Step 1:  Make A Sketch

I want you to make a sketch for your first at-home exhibition piece.  You already made a few for the previous assignment, but for this sketch there are a few things I want to see:

  • Rule of Thirds Composition
  • Values
  • A sense of background/place

In addition to your sketch, I want you to tell me the following things through annotation:

  • What medium you want to use
  • Color choices if applicable
  • Any necessary materials you need to borrow
  • Do you need a model or model photograph?  And if so, how are we going to secure this?

Your sketch with accompanying text is due Tuesday, Oct 4th, by the beginning of class.  This is a formative grade.  This should be done in your sketchbook.