Shrinking the Size of a Photo

IB places some file size limits that must be followed.

  • Each individually loaded photo (Exhibition Portfolio) can be no larger than 5MB.
  • For both the Comparative Essay and the Process Portfolio, each file cannot be larger than 20MB.

This means that you will most likely need to shrink the size of your photos in order to help meet these requirements.

To shrink photos in IOS:

  1. Open the photo in Preview (default picture viewer)
  2. Select Tools from the top menu
  3. Select Adjust Size from the pull down menu of Tools
  4. Note the file size at the bottom left of the pop-up screen
  5. Make sure the box Scale proportionally is checked
  6. Adjust the width or height (lower) until the file size reaches the desired target

Screenshot 2017-05-18 13.01.27

To shrink photos in Windows:

  1. Open the Program Paint
  2. On the Paint Menu, click File > Open > change Look In to the location of the image to be resized > click Open
  3. On the Paint Menu click > Image > Stretch/Skew
  4. To maintain the original width-to-height aspect ratio, enter the same percent (such as 50%) for both Horizontal and Vertical under Stretch.  Note: Do not enter any Horizontal or Vertical Degree value under Skew.
  5. Click Okay to preview the resized image
  6. Click File > Save As > enter a filename > click Save.