Show Me Something Cool, Part Tres

So this is our third round of Show Me Something Cool, and this time it is not about the artwork, but about an artistic movement or theme.

When I say artistic movement, I mean one of the historical art movements like Impressionism, Surrealism, or Dada.

When I say theme, I mean a reoccurring topic or idea in a body of art, like Buddhist art, funereal art, or art about the human body.

Your textbook is organized by both historical movements and themes, so may serve as a guide.

For homework you are tasked to do the following:

  1. Use your textbook AND
  2. From these two sources select three different art movements or artistic themes that interest you
  3. Select three works, one from each art movement or theme you chose.
  4. Since you are submitting this week’s homework electronically, you should secure a digital image of your selected works and place them directly into your document.
  5. Identify the work by providing its title, the name of the artist, and if known, the year it was made.
  6. Tell me why you chose these themes or artistic movements.  This is a variation on what we did last time.

The images for this selection MUST come from the textbook or

This is due Monday, 10/2, by 11 pm.  It is a formative grade.

This assignment is to be turned in electronically, by placing your document (Word, Pages, PDF) into our shared Dropbox folder.  I will grade them from there.

This assignment is rather simplistic and straight forward, which is fine.  With elaboration.. reflective writing…maybe additional sketches of close ups or research on the artist…it could be a sketchbook page that could qualify for your Process Portfolio.