Show Me Something Cool Part Deux

So this is our second round of Show Me Something Cool, but this time we get to play around with the textbook!

For homework you are tasked to do the following:

  1. Open your brand new textbook!
  2. From the text select three artists/cultures from this site that you think are interesting.
  3. Select three works, one from each artist/culture you chose.
  4. You can then do one of several things:
    1. sketch the images directly into your sketchbook
    2. find the image on the internet and print copies to attach in your sketchbook
    3. copy the images from the text (scanning, xerox machine) and then attach the copies directly in your sketchbook
  5. Identify the work by providing its title, the name of the artist, and if known, the year it was made.
  6. Explain to me, in writing, why you find that work interesting.

The images for this selection MUST come from the textbook.

This assignment is due Monday, 9/18, at the beginning of class.  It is a formative grade.

This assignment is rather simplistic and straight forward, which is fine.  With elaboration.. reflective writing…maybe additional sketches of close ups or research on the artist…it could be a sketchbook page that could qualify for your Process Portfolio.