Self Reflection: Negative Space

Answer the questions in the space provided below. You may use the notes in your sketchbook to help you answer these questions, look up vocabulary, etc.

Discussing the Image Provided Here

Waterfall and Monkeys, Shibata Zeshin 1891

  1. Start by describing what you see in the image above.
  2. Is there something or someone that is being emphasized (and if yes, what is it)
  3. Describe where you see the negative space.
  4. Negative space is very important in this image, but what other Element(s) of Art do you see?
  5. Would you describe this picture as formally balanced or informally balanced?

Discussing your Scratchboard and Negative Space Drawing of the Ladder

For these questions you may write about the negative space scratchboard that you did, the negative space still life, or both.  For these questions I am always looking for the quality of your thinking, not necessarily a “right” answer.

  1. Both projects were built around the idea of negative space. Besides Space, tell me what other Element(s) of Art ended up being very strong within your work of art.
  1. Of the two negative space projects we did (the scratchboard and the drawing of the ladder), which one do you think was more effective (better) at showing recognizable objects? Why?
  1. In one paragraph, tell me one thing about your scratchboard that you like and would not change. Explain to me why you are happy with this aspect of your scratchboard.