Who Is The Artist That Makes Human Sculpture Reefs?

Artist Jason deCaires Taylor has created an incredible artificial reef of statues he calls Silent Evolution. Located off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, the compelling installation took several months to complete.

Who made the underwater sculptures?

The park was designed in 2007 by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who later created similar installations around the world. The Underwater Sculpture Park in Grenada has been listed as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World by National Geographic.

Who is Courtney Mattison?

Courtney Mattison creates intricately detailed and large- scale ceramic sculptural works inspired by the fragile beauty of coral reefs and the human-caused threats they face. She raises awareness for the protection of our blue planet, urging policy makers and the public to conserve our changing seas.

How does Jason deCaires Taylor make his sculptures?

Taylor’s artworks are essentially artificial reefs, formed of carefully manufactured sculptures installed at various locations around the world. Each sculpture is created using non-toxic, pH neutral marine grade cement, free from harmful pollutants, becoming an integral part of the local ecosystem.

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What media does Courtney Mattison use?

Mattison’s chosen material is ceramic, using calcium carbonate (which coral is made out of) as an ingredient within the glaze. In this way, Mattison adeptly draws another line between her subject and her work. Since it becomes brittle when used, calcium carbonate perfectly imitates the tiny, intricate coral branches.

Where is molinere Bay?

Coordinates:12.0834302°N 61.7655757°W The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park is a collection of ecological underwater contemporary art located in the Caribbean sea off the west coast of Grenada, West Indies and was created by British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.

What is Jason deCaires Taylor known for?

Jason deCaires Taylor (b. 1974) is a sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer. Taylor gained international notoriety in 2006 with the creation of the world’s first underwater sculpture park, situated off the west coast of Grenada in the West Indies.

Who is Noriko Kuresumi?

Noriko Kuresumi is a Japanese artist based in New York City who creates ceramic sculptures with exquisite, sensual forms inspired by the harmony and balance of the ocean. X-Ray Mag interviewed the artist to learn more about her artwork and perspectives on art and nature.

Who is Marie Antuanelle?

About MARIE ANTUANELLE Antuanelle is a Sydney based abstract artist from Siberia, finalist Hunters Hill Art Prize (award), Art of Sydney Art Prize and RAS 2016 (award).

What is Courtney Mattison famous for?

Ceramic artist Courtney Mattison is a sculptor with a background in marine conservation science and policy. Her sculptural works parallel the beauty and fragility of coral reefs.

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Where are Jason deCaires Taylor’s sculptures?

The Cancún Underwater Museum (Museo Subacuático de Arte, known as MUSA) holds more than 485 of Taylor’s submerged sculptures and 30 land-based pieces. It is located off the coast of Cancún and the western coast of Isla Mujeres.

Why is it so important that Jason deCaires Taylor make these sculptures and place them at the bottom of the ocean?

Sited away from natural healthy reefs systems on barren stretches of sea beds they provide a crucial role in drawing visitors away from natural areas allowing them space and time to recover on their own accord.

Where is Jason deCaires from?

My sculptural work is influenced by a childhood obsession with fantasy. Taking stories I loved and mixing in my personal experiences translates into my work. I find myself expressing the absurdity of things, drawing influence from unexpected sources like the lyrics of music and nursery rhymes.

What is coral bleaching caused by?

The leading cause of coral bleaching is climate change. A warming planet means a warming ocean, and a change in water temperature—as little as 2 degrees Fahrenheit—can cause coral to drive out algae. Coral may bleach for other reasons, like extremely low tides, pollution, or too much sunlight.

Who is Lui Ferreyra?

About Lui. Born in Sonora, Mexico, Lui Ferreyra moves to Colorado at age eleven. Early recognition by his teachers leads to numerous awards, including a substantive scholarship, and his first solo exhibition at the Foothills Art Center in Golden, Colorado.

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