Readers ask: What Is Bio Sculpture Gel Overlay?

What is Bio Sculpture Gel? Bio Sculpture Gel is a one-step system that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails. It is applied onto a natural nail, tip or gel extension. Bio Sculpture Gel cures under a UV light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy or high shine finish.

What does a gel overlay do?

Overlays skip the extension step with acrylic or gel being applied directly onto your natural nails and shaped by hand or by using ‘forms’, before being buffed to create that glossy effect. Great for anyone with nails lacking in natural wow factor. Gels also cause much less damage to your natural nails than extensions.

What is the difference between gel polish and gel overlay?

Gel overlay adds a layer of protection, which keeps nails from cracking and splitting [4], which is great for growing out weak and brittle nails. In comparison, gel polish is very thin and doesn’t provide any strength at all.

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What is the difference between gel nails and bio gel nails?

Both these products are available in clear, colours or french but they are quite different. Shellac is meant as a permanent polish and that only! It can be applied over acrylics too. But Bio gel is a nail treatment that helps the nails to grow, is thicker and lasts longer.

Is gel overlay good for your nails?

Nail overlays are quite beneficial for people with brittle or short nails due to issues with their nail growth or being habitual nail biters. Though overlays are the most apt choice for people with short damaged nails, they can definitely enhance the appearance of longer nails.

Does gel overlay help grow nails?

Gel overlays will help strengthen your own nails but it will obviously take time for them to grow. If you need instant length, then extensions is the answer. Its all down to whether you can wait for your nails to grow or not.

Is gel overlay better than shellac?

Gel manicures benefit those with weaker nails and lasts just that little bit longer than Shellac. However, the removal process is quite lengthy. Shellac is a thinner polish, so if you want to give your nails more space to “breathe’ and have sturdy natural nail beds, this one’s for you.

Which is better gel or acrylic overlay?

The gels are stronger than acrylics, and do not yellow or crack as easily. Gel nails come in a wide range of colors, but each time a client wishes to change her nail polish they must be removed by a professional manicurist to avoid damage.

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How long does Bio Sculpture Gel last?

Bio Sculpture Gel lasts for weeks and allows clients to often go longer than two weeks without a fill depending on the condition of their natural nails.

Is Bio Sculpture better than gel?

We’re delighted to have discovered that Bio Sculpture Gel is actually healthy and nutritious for your nails. Whereas other gel nail treatments require bonders and primers, excessive buffing and dehydration of the nail prior to application, Bio Sculpture gel actually helps the nails to grow longer and stronger.

How much does bio sculpture gel cost?

Bio Sculpture Gel: Nail Extensions – From £30.00 to £40.00 Adds length naturally. One of the advantages of Bio Sculpture Gel is it’s revolutionary Free-Edge and Sculpting Gel. A unique feature to these Gels is their ability to be used to sculpt a durable but flexible natural looking nail.

Is Bio Sculpture gel good for your nails?

Because of this, Bio Sculpture is generally considered one of the best options for your nails, where its composition contains vitamins and minerals which promote strength and length.

Is Bio Sculpture hard gel?

BIOGEL is durable, chip resistant, self levelling, with a long-lasting gloss finish, cures in 30 seconds and removes in 10 to 15mins. With a range exceeding 200 colours, nail art and overlay possibilities are endless.

Does Bio Sculpture damage your nails?

Bio Sculpture is a very different product to other gels and hybrid gel polishes, the main difference being that Bio Sculpture will not cause any damage to the natural nails.

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