Quick Answer: Who Made The Manatee Sculpture At Homosassa Springs?

The manatee sculpture was created by local artist Jesse Dobson of Fins Tails OdySeas, Inc. in Crystal River.

What is special about Homosassa Springs?

Florida’s earliest people camped near the spring’s banks while thousands of fish swirled through the steady flow of fresh water. One of the unique features of the Homosassa headspring is that the main vent flows from three points underground with each vent having different salt content and water quality.

Is it legal to swim with manatees in Homosassa?

Their population has hit just over 6,300 animals in Florida, an increase of only 1,267 since 1991. So it is illegal to swim with manatees in their habitat anywhere in the United States except in Citrus County.

Are the manatees still at Crystal River?

The manatee season at Crystal River NWR begins in mid-November and ends in late March. During the winter months, manatees come to the springs of Crystal River NWR to conserve the energy necessary to survive the cold Gulf waters. Manatees are not here to amuse visitors.

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How much does it cost to get into Homosassa Springs?

Adults (age 13+), $13; children ages 6-12, $5; children 5 and under admitted free.

Are there alligators in Homosassa Springs?

Also known as Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. Homosassa springs also feature various captive animals such as alligators, black bears, red wolf, key deer, flamingoes, whooping cranes, and the Lu, the oldest hippopotamus in captivity.

When can you see manatees in Homosassa?

The peak season for observing manatees is November through April, and the local manatee population swells to its largest size between December and February. You can spot manatees in our waterways all year round, but the population is much smaller during the summer months.

Are there alligators in the Manatee River?

There are plenty of gators to spot along the river’s surface. Manatee River alligators tend to sleep below the surface during the day but are often seen surfacing at dusk.

Are there alligators at Three Sisters Springs?

Three Sisters Springs is a wetland habitat and both alligators and venomous snakes live in this habitat. Please respect wildlife and view from a distance.

Do alligators eat manatees?

Though they are seemingly defenseless, the massive size of manatees is a pretty effective defense against alligators. Essentially, alligators eat what they can swallow by gulping it down in entirety or ripping it into chunks. And even young manatees are quite large for alligators to swallow.

Are there sharks in the Crystal River?

Crystal River, Florida offers some of the best shark fishing in the area. Bull Sharks. Sharpnose Sharks. Hammerhead Sharks.

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How much is it to swim with manatees in Florida?

Our public manatee tours start at $59.95 and go up to $65 for peak manatee season (November-April). Private manatee tours are $449 for a boat that holds up to six people, larger private manatee tours can be arranged for an additional $75 per person.

How many manatees are in Homosassa springs?

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park is home to three captive manatees that are unable to survive in the wild on their own. These three manatees, named Ariel, Electra and Betsy, are cared for and fed several varieties of lettuce by park rangers four times daily.

How old is Lu the hippo?

They come to see the oldest hippo in the Americas: Lu, which is short for Lucifer. The 60-year-old bull hippopotamus has lived at the park for almost his entire life. Born in San Diego in 1960, Lu was relocated to Homosassa Springs to join the Ivan Tors Animal Actors.

Which spring is the best in Florida?

14 Best Springs in Florida

  1. Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River.
  2. Madison Blue Spring State Park, Lee.
  3. Ginnie Springs, High Springs.
  4. Homosassa Springs, Homosassa.
  5. Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Weeki Wachee.
  6. Rainbow Springs, Dunnellon.
  7. Ichetucknee Springs, Fort White.
  8. Ponce de Leon Springs, Ponce de Leon.

Where is scallop in Homosassa?

Chassahowitzka Scalloping Located in Citrus County and close to Homosassa, Chassahowitzka is known for shallow beds, and it’s much quieter than many of the other locations. It’s possible to stay in Chassahowitzka and go out from Homosassa and vice versa.

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