Quick Answer: How To Paper Mache Sculpture?

Cardboard or Paper Frame

  1. Create your cardboard frame.
  2. Saturate a strip of paper with the paste.
  3. Place the paper onto the cardboard, making sure to smooth out any wrinkles.
  4. Repeat until the cardboard is covered in two to three layers of paper.
  5. Let the sculpture dry for a day or two.

What is the best base for paper mache?

A firm foundation for Paper Mache Balloons work great for round hollow shapes. Try crazy shaped balloons for other effects like long skinny shapes or squiggles. For finer details rolled tape or balled tinfoil are both great base choices.

What are the two types of paper mache?

There are two forms of paper mache: one uses pulped paper and one uses torn strips of paper. The pulp type of paper mache is most often used to create molded and sculpted pieces, while the strip form is used to cover existing surfaces, making hollow and flat pieces like pinatas and masks.

Why is my paper mache not smooth?

To get a smooth surface with Paper Mache you need to use the right kind of paper. This kind of paper can wrinkle or bubble up when it drys, mainly because the coating prevents the water-based glue, that you use for Paper Mache, from soaking it and thus it will not adhere well enough.

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How do you start paper mache?


  1. Prepare the Paste. Decide what type of paper mache paste works best for your project, then prepare it.
  2. Tear the Newspaper. Rip the newspaper into strips—do not cut it.
  3. Dip the Newspaper. Dip one piece of newspaper at a time into the paper mache paste.
  4. Apply to the Form.
  5. Repeat the Process.
  6. Decorate the Art.

How do you make paper mache crafts?

For your paper mache project, make a base form using flour, water, and recyclable items found around your house. You can also use supplies as simple as cardboard and masking tape to design almost anything. For rounder or hollow shapes, try using those old balloons that are stashed away from the last birthday party.

What materials do I need for paper mache?

To make paper mache you will need:

  • Newspaper.
  • Plain flour.
  • Water.
  • Salt.
  • Table covering.
  • Emulsion paint.
  • Vaseline.
  • Paintbrush.

Is glue or flour better for paper mache?

The short answer is, glue is better. It creates a better adhesive than flour and glue-based Paper Mache is also very unlikely to rot or mold, unlike flour-based Paper Mache. The Glue also drys clear and creates a better base for painting your Paper Mache project later on.

Can you use clear glue for paper mache?

One of the most common, and easiest, ways to create paper mache is to use glue and water as the paste. A few different types of glue will work, but most people use wood glue or white Glue -All. Glue also dries clear, which opens up some interesting possibilities for translucent projects like lamps.

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Can I use any paper for paper mache?

You can use pretty much any paper you want, as long as it absorbs the glue mixture well enough. Most people use newspaper because it is inexpensive and you need a lot of paper for a paper mache project.

What type of Colour is the best for paper mache?

Acrylic paint is the top choice for paper mache artists. The paint dries quickly and is widely available in any craft or art store. A huge reason most people use this paint for paper mache comes down to the steps you take to apply it. Acrylic is better if you need to sand and prime a surface.

Can you use brown paper bags for paper mache?

Brown paper bags – The kind you get at the supermarket. It’s best product for a super strong and durable paper-mache. This is done by crumpling up large pieces over and over until the paper is very soft, like a Kleenex almost.

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