Quick Answer: How To Move A Large Sculpture?

Large Sculptures Moving

  1. Disassemble the item if possible. It is always recommended to pack each piece separately for the maximum protection.
  2. Choose the box of the right size. Take a strong box that is bigger than the packed item.
  3. Use bubble wrap.
  4. Fill the empty space.
  5. Seal the box.

How do you lift a heavy sculpture?

To lift and move heavy sculptures you will need working gloves and boots for protection. They are there to protect you from slipping and accidentally dropping your heavy sculpture. Next, you will need lifting belts and a dolly. Your sculpture will most likely be too heavy to lift safely without using belts and a dolly.

How do you wrap a sculpture for moving?

Packing statues and sculptures in boxes

  1. Wrap the upper half of the sculpture or statue twice, all the way around and then seal it with packing tape.
  2. Then, wrap the bottom half of the sculpture twice as well and seal it with packing tape.

How do you pack fragile sculptures?

For especially fragile works, consider double boxing the sculpture. Pack the first box as described, then prepare a second, larger box with packing materials lining the bottom. Insert the already-packed box containing the sculpture, and fill in any extra space with padding material.

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How do you pack bronze sculptures?

Place a wooden plank at the bottom of the box so that it does not bend on the corners and damage the statue. Now, wrap the sculpture in bubble wrap and secure it with heavy-duty tape. Then wrap it in a small blanket. Fill plastic bags with Styrofoam peanuts and spread a layer at the bottom covering all the corners.

How do you move large objects by yourself?

Heavy Lifting

  1. Use the muscles in your head, not in your back. Get adjustable moving straps.
  2. Take the back off a recliner. Look for locking levers.
  3. Be a sofa magician.
  4. Take apart what you can.
  5. Break heavy things into smaller pieces.
  6. Remove your door stop molding.
  7. Ramp it up (and down)
  8. Carry mirrors and glass with suction cups.

How do you pack ceramic figures?

Dolls, figurines, ceramics or glass Wrap each box or item individually in packing paper (or wrap unboxed figurines in Bubble Wrap®). Take care not to apply any tape to the collectibles, as it could damage the finish or paint. Wrap boxes in Bubble Wrap, paying special attention to the corners and edges.

How do you pack fragile items for shipping?

Use filler like crumpled newspaper, peanuts, or other cushioning material to keep your product from moving around. Wrap fragile products individually in a minimum 3″ thickness of air-cellular cushioning material, and then fill any empty spaces with loose-fill peanuts or other cushioning material.

How do you pack ornaments?

Wrap the ornament into several layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap. Make sure to keep it snug, but not too tight, otherwise the pressure can cause the ornament to break. Place the ornament inside the box and surround it with packing peanuts or some other kind of filler material.

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How do I ship a sculpture internationally?

Seal the Deal with Packaging Tape When you have packed and wrapped your art for international shipping, you can seal the packed artwork with packaging tape. Avoid using duct tape or cellphone tape since they are not sturdy enough for transportation. Heavy-duty high-quality packing tape is your best bet!

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