Question: Which People Made The Oldest Known Sculpture From Sub-Saharan Africa?

The earliest known figurative sculpture from sub-Saharan Africa was made by the Nok People of Eastern Nigeria starti

Which people made the oldest known sculpture from sub-Saharan Africa Nok Yoruba Ife Shona?

The Nok culture, existing in Nigeria from around 1500 BCE to 200 CE, was the earliest sub-Saharan producer of life-sized terra cotta sculptures.

What material was used in the early artworks of sub-Saharan Africa such as the Nok heads quizlet?

The Nok culture produced sculptures of human heads and figures of humans and animals in terracotta, the earliest such sculpture produced in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Which European trading partner that they picture in their art did Benin have from the late fifteenth century?

When Portuguese traders arrived in the late 15th century they traded brass in the form of bracelets (called manillas), muskets and cannons for spices, textiles and slaves. Benin artists melted down and recast the manillas, leading to flourishing production by Benin artists in this medium.

What African culture is known principally for raffia textiles?

Fibres prepared from the leaves of the raffia palm are woven into cloth principally in central Africa, especially Congo (Kinshasa), though also in parts of West Africa.

How were Nok sculptures made?

That is why Nok art is well known today only for the heads, both male and female, whose hairstyles are particularly detailed and refined. The statues are in fragments because the discoveries are usually made from alluvial mud, in terrain made by the erosion of water.

What material were the sculptures found in Nok Nigeria made of?

These artifacts are mostly terracotta sculptures of human heads, human figures, and animals. One of the identifying characteristics of Nok sculptures is the triangular or oval-shaped eyes on human faces.

How did art dramatize the Yoruba ruler in this piece quizlet?

How is art used to dramatize the exceptional nature of the sacred Yoruba ruler? He wears a beaded crown with abstracted faces of the king’s ancestors.

What were the carved stone seals used for in the Indus Valley culture quizlet?

Writing from the Indus Valley civilization remains _____. What were the carved stone seals used for in the Indus Valley culture? They were used to stamp soft clay or wax. A solid earthen mound faced with stone is called a ____.

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What role did Benin bronze castings play during this period?

Bronze and ivory objects had a variety of functions in the ritual and courtly life of the Kingdom of Benin. They were used principally to decorate the royal palace, which contained many bronze works. In tropical Africa the technique of lost-wax casting was developed early, as the works from Benin show.

How old are Benin bronzes?

The Benin Bronzes are not actually made of bronze There are examples dating back to the 14th century, and a similar process was used in the production of brass heads in the nearby Kingdom of Ife, dating from the 12th century.

How old is Benin kingdom?

The Benin Kingdom was “one of the oldest and most developed states in the coastal hinterland of West Africa”. It was formed around the 11th century AD, and lasted until it was annexed by the British Empire in 1897.

When did the Portuguese first arrive in Benin?

The Portuguese first explored the coast of Benin in 1472 but did not begin trading there until 1553. During the 17th century the Dutch, English, French, and other Europeans also entered the trade. The principal export before the mid-19th century was always slaves.

What is the best known visual art form of West Africa?

Wooden masks, which might either be of human, animal or legendary creatures, are one of the most commonly found forms of art in western Africa.

How were Jenne sculptures materials most commonly used?

How were Jenne sculptures made? What material was most commonly used? The figures were polished, covered with a red clay slip, and fired at low temperatures. Many of their sculptures were made of terracotta.

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What is Kuba cloth made of?

Kuba cloth is woven from the strands of raffia palm leaves. The process of transforming the leaves into cloth is a time consuming one: a single placemat, for example, can take up to several days!

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