Often asked: What Sculpture Do Ayatan Cyan Stars Go In?

Ayatan Sculptures

  • Sculptures can be found in plain sight on regular missions, though this has a rare chance of occurring.
  • Amber Stars can occasionally be found from Storage Containers and lockers while Cyan Stars can only be found from Storage Containers.

How do you put Ayatan cyan stars in sculptures?

Stars can be inserted into a Sculpture by selecting the desired Sculpture, then hovering the cursor over a socket and clicking on it. The Sculpture must be in the player’s inventory for it to be selected; if displayed as a decoration, the Sculpture will not appear in the Mods screen.

What do I do with Ayatan cyan stars?

An Ayatan Star is a small treasure that can be inserted into Ayatan Sculptures to greatly increase their Endo value when traded in. Once slotted, a Star cannot be removed. They come in two colors: the more common cyan, and the rarer amber. Stars can also be traded in by themselves for a small Endo payout.

Is there an Ayatan sculpture in every mission?

Ayatan Sculptures in Warframe are found in two ways. You can find them when you are playing missions, usually hidden somewhere on the map, or you can get them as rewards at the end of specific missions.

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How do you fill an Ayatan sculpture?

To upgrade them, go to your liset and go to the mod screen. There will be a new option added (called ayatan sculptures) that will allow you to view the stars and sculpts you have. Click on your sculpture, and then mouse over the holes in it to see what stars are needed to fill it.

Where do the Ayatan stars go in sculptures?

In the Mods section of the Orbiter, selecting “Ayatan Sculptures” will allow the player to examine Sculptures and attach Stars. Stars can be inserted into a Sculpture by selecting the desired Sculpture, then hovering the cursor over a socket and clicking on it.

What is Ayatan anasa sculpture worth?

Well all are around 5p. But anasa is best for endo n price for it is always 5p. Or 7p filled. Can be more to 10p.

Can you sell Ayatan sculptures for platinum?

Anasa Ayatan Sculptures Because of their value and somewhat awkward rarity, you can reliably sell filled Anasa Sculptures for anywhere between 12 platinum and 20 platinum each.

What is Endo used for in Warframe?

Endo is a form of energy used in the process of Fusion to upgrade the effectiveness of Mods. Appearing as a large blue and gold orb, it is commonly dropped by slain enemies, as well as rewarded by a variety of mission types.

How much are Ayatan stars worth?

for the stars you can get 50 (cyan) and 100 (amber) Endo, so both are worth ~1plat.

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