Often asked: Love Sculpture Nyc How Tall?

Update: We have learned that “Listen” stands just over 12 feet tall, and will be on display at least through the end of November.

How tall is the LOVE sculpture?

The LOVE Sculpture is out for repairs. It was taken away in May for a cleaning. Are there any love souvenirs?

What happened to love sculpture NYC?

Back in May, Midtown’s LOVE sculpture was taken down without any warning or explanation. CBS2 later learned that it was removed for cleaning and repair work.

How tall is the Love Statue in Philadelphia?

In December 2016, the six-foot-tall sculpture — “amor” translates to “love” in both Spanish and Latin — was moved and permanently installed at Sister Cities Park, just a short walk from LOVE Park.

Where is the original LOVE sculpture?

Love’s original rendering in sculpture was made in 1970 and is displayed in Indiana at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

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Is there only one love sculpture?

The Indiana-born artist’s original LOVE sculpture, according to USA Today, can be found at Newfields, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, where it was installed in 1970.

Where in New York is the LOVE sculpture?

New York’s LOVE Statue Located on the corner of 55th and 6th Avenue is debatably Indiana’s most famous work: the LOVE statue (formally known as “love red blue.” This piece has been a hotspot for tourists and New Yorkers, alike.

WHY IS THE LOVE sculpture famous?

The Story Behind the LOVE Sculpture Merging the look of Pop with Minimalism and the wordplay of Concrete Poetry, he influenced every text-based artist since. The Christmas card inspired the LOVE Show at the Stable Gallery, where the artist exhibited paintings, drawings and small sculptures that played on the word.

Who made the Love Statue NYC?

Robert Indiana’s famous red sculpture, created in 1970, had become a fixture on the corner of 55th Street and 6th Avenue, reliably drawing long lines of tourists all clamoring for selfies.

Is LOVE Park gone?

The park, part of a trio of ’60s-era plazas encircling City Hall, has just reopened after a complex, two-year reconstruction aimed at stopping leaks into the city’s underground concourse network.

Where are all the love sculptures?

The original LOVE sculpture—now housed by the Indianapolis Museum of Art —saw immediate success when it made its debut in 1970.

Is LOVE Park still there?

Major renovations completed in 2018 put the LOVE sculpture at the center of the park, creating plenty of photo-ready opportunities. As of May 2021, visitor services are back at LOVE Park in the form of the LOVE Park Visitor Center.

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