Often asked: How To Make A Sculpture Look Old?

The EASY Way to Age a New Cement Statue

  1. Spray a small area of the statue with water.
  2. Dip the paintbrush into the color-solution, and apply the color to the area you’ve just wet.
  3. Using the rag, immediately wipe any protruding, or “high” areas.
  4. Step back and look at your work.

How do you make a statue look old?

Mix a small amount of paint with water to make a very weak solution that resembles dirty water and then paint this onto the object and allow to dry. You can repeat this any number of times to darken the whole object or just apply in certain areas until you are happy with this base coat. Next the messy bit!

How do you make a statue look weathered?

Make a very weak solution of water and black acrylic or water-based emulsion paint (to resemble dirty water) and apply to the surface of the ornament. Allow the wash to dry, then reapply if you wish to darken certain areas further.

How do you age concrete statues with yogurt?

Wet your ornament or pot thoroughly or soak overnight, if possible. Then brush the ornament with a mixture of one part yoghurt and two parts water (or alternatively use sour milk, beer, or a manure ‘tea’). Keep the ornament moist and in the shade.

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How do you age sandstone quickly?

Stone will take on a weathered look after years of not being protected from acid rain. You can get the same effect by applying lemon juice, vinegar, sour milk, or anything acidic to your new stone. The acid creates gaps and pits in the stone where microbes take hold, aging the stone. Apply acid when the stone is dry.

How do you add patina to stone?

To help the wall develop a patina faster than it would on its own, apply a thick layer of rich, wet soil mixed with compost to the stone. Allow the soil to dry, then remove any chunks you find ugly or distracting. Let the rest of the soil stay on the wall.

What paint do you use on statues?

Use acrylic latex paint on concrete statues. For concrete statuary, water-based acrylic latex paints are recommended for their ability to soak into the concrete and stain it beyond its surface. Acrylic latex paints also don’t dry and crack like a shell over time, like oil-based paint does.

How do you age cast stone?

Use ½ a teaspoon of paint to a cup of water and stir well. Paint on with a brush or sponge. Dark green, black and brown work best. Pay attention to areas of relief and to mimic weathering spots use a slightly thicker solution and flick it on to the stone using a brush.

How do I make concrete look old?

How to Make Concrete Look Old

  1. Put your concrete piece in a place with good drainage and where it can be reached by a garden hose.
  2. Put on protective clothing, heavy gloves, eye protection and a breathing mask.
  3. Pour a quantity of hydrochloric acid into a glass dish.
  4. Allow the acid to sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
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How do you darken concrete?

If you want to darken the concrete color or give it a glossy appearance, apply a low-solids acrylic sealer as a final coat. The most important step with this project is to seal the concrete once the surface is clean and dry.

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