FAQ: Who Made The World Famous Love Sculpture?

The original LOVE sculpture print and design was created by Robert Indiana, an American artist known for his association with what is now considered the “Pop Art” movement—an artistic trend that emerged in the United States and United Kingdom during the late 1950s.

Who made the famous LOVE image?

Artist Robert Indiana, who created the pop icon LOVE, has died at 89. He’s seen here in his studio in Vinalhaven, Me., in 2008.

Where was the first love sculpture?

The first LOVE sculpture, in Indianapolis, was made in 1970. Since then, it has been released in many different incarnations and sculptural versions now appear in urban centers around the globe.

When was the love sculpture created?

Love’s original rendering in sculpture was made in 1970 and is displayed in Indiana at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The material is COR-TEN steel. The art work has since been reproduced in a variety of formats for rendering in displays around the world.

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WHY IS THE LOVE sculpture famous?

The Story Behind the LOVE Sculpture Merging the look of Pop with Minimalism and the wordplay of Concrete Poetry, he influenced every text-based artist since. The Christmas card inspired the LOVE Show at the Stable Gallery, where the artist exhibited paintings, drawings and small sculptures that played on the word.

Who created the Love sculpture in Philadelphia?

Robert Indiana debuted the design for his famous sculpture as a painting in 1964. After constructing the aluminum piece, Indiana lent it to the City of Philadelphia as part of the U.S. Bicentennial in 1976. LOVE remained in John F. Kennedy Plaza for two years.

How many Robert Indiana LOVE sculptures?

After the Museum of Modern Art commissioned Indiana to do a Christmas card in 1965, he gave them the first “Love” image. It sold out. In 1970, he created his first large steel “Love” sculpture for the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and would go on to create more than 50 editions.

Where are all the Love sculptures?

The original LOVE sculpture—now housed by the Indianapolis Museum of Art —saw immediate success when it made its debut in 1970.

Where are all the Love sculptures located?

New York’s LOVE Statue The work is an evolution of a two-dimensional work Indiana created for The Museum of Modern Art’s Christmas card in 1964. The first LOVE sculpture was created in 1970, and is now located in the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Where is the Love sculpture in London?

Robert Indiana’s famous “Love” sculpture stands at the corner of 99 Bishopsgate – the site of the 1993 IRA bomb 20 years ago.

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Who designed the Love stamp?

A copy of Bailey Sullivan’s stamp design. Bailey Sullivan, 29, designed the new Love stamp for the U.S. Postal Service.

Where is the Love sculpture in San Francisco?

Summary. English: This version of Robert Indiana’s Love sculpture was painted on a tennis court by artist, Erik Seidenglanz with the aid of Dain Johnson. The sculpture sits above the Nike Nuclear Missile Site SF-89L behind the abandoned Public Health Service Hospital in the Presidio, San Francisco, California.

Where is the Love Statue in Milwaukee?

The iconic sculpture by Indiana first came to Milwaukee as a part of Sculpture Milwaukee 2018. It was placed outside the Northwestern Mutual building on East Wisconsin Avenue. That same sculpture returns after traveling to different cities. It was made possible through an anonymous donation to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

How tall is the LOVE sculpture?

The famous “Love” sculpture in Philadelphia, has an “iconic mate”in Chicago; “Hope”! It’s at display in the Hancock Center Plaza.. The plaque reads.. Indiana defined a generation with his masterpiece LOVE and with HOPE, Love’s iconic mate, he has created a timeless and new positive message for the future.

Where is Robert Indiana from?

New Castle, Indiana, United States

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