FAQ: Warframe How To Upgrade Sculpture?

To upgrade them, go to your liset and go to the mod screen. There will be a new option added (called ayatan sculptures) that will allow you to view the stars and sculpts you have. Click on your sculpture, and then mouse over the holes in it to see what stars are needed to fill it.

Where do I upgrade my Ayatan sculpture?

There are two types available: Sculptures, and smaller Stars which can be inserted into the larger Sculptures to increase their value. These can be traded to Maroo at her Bazaar for varying amounts of Endo, or placed within the Orbiter as decorations.

Where can I find sculptures in Warframe?


  • Sculptures can be found in plain sight on regular missions, though this has a rare chance of occurring.
  • Amber Stars can occasionally be found from Storage Containers and lockers while Cyan Stars can only be found from Storage Containers.
  • Maroo offers a weekly mission with a guaranteed Sculpture as a reward.

How much plat are Ayatan sculptures worth?

Anasa Ayatan Sculptures Because of their value and somewhat awkward rarity, you can reliably sell filled Anasa Sculptures for anywhere between 12 platinum and 20 platinum each.

Where can I find Maroo Warframe?

Maroo’s Bazaar is a derelict Relay orbiting Mars. Unlike other relays, it features only the Hangar, the Main Entrance, and the Concourse. Maroo, its owner, can be found in her station at the right of the Concourse entrance.

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How much do Ayatan treasures sell for?

They still sell, some days/hours a day, at 20-25p, but it´s possible to buy smaller amounts/not full trades, for cheaper than that.

How much Endo does it take to Max a prime mod?

It should take 40,920 Endo to rank a Primed mod from unranked to rank 10.

Where can I farm Endo Warframe?

The best way to farm Endo is doing the Arbitrations missions. You almost always get either Endo or an Ayatan Sculpture as a reward for each round, so you can quickly gain thousands of Endo.

What is a sortie Warframe?

Sorties are a set of three special missions that are assigned to players on a daily basis, accessed from the last tab of the World State Window in the Navigation screen. In other words, sorties will always reset at 12:00 PM DE’s local time even during DST. Each Sortie may only reward from its reward pool once a day.

What does Ayatan Cyan star do?

An Ayatan Star is a small treasure that can be inserted into Ayatan Sculptures to greatly increase their Endo value when traded in. Once slotted, a Star cannot be removed. They come in two colors: the more common cyan, and the rarer amber. Stars can also be traded in by themselves for a small Endo payout.

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