Dale Artist Who Creates Crystal Sculpture?

Dale Chihuly (/tʃɪˈhuːli/) (born September 20, 1941) is an American glass artist and entrepreneur. He is perhaps best known in the field of blown glass, “moving it into the realm of large-scale sculpture”.

Dale Chihuly
Chihuly in 1992
Born Dale Patrick Chihuly September 20, 1941 Tacoma, Washington, U.S.


What is Dale Chihuly known for?

Dale Chihuly hasn’t blown glass since 1979. Shortly after he lost his eyesight, Chihuly was involved in a body surfing accident that left him physically unable to hold a glassblowing pipe. Since then, he has relied on a team of talented glassblowers to carry out his artistic vision.

Where is Dale Chihuly now?

I was born in Tacoma, Washington and currently live in Seattle, Washington with my wife, Leslie, and my son, Jackson.

Who is the most famous glass artist?

As the most famous glass artist alive today, Dale Chihuly has reinvented glassblowing through his asymmetrical, freeform pieces and innovative techniques.

What does Dale Chihuly make?

Dale Chihuly, (born September 20, 1941, Tacoma, Washington, U.S.), American artist whose glass sculptures —often presented in complex and dynamic public projects—led to a resurgence of interest in that medium.

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For what types of settings does Chihuly create his sculptures?

Inspired by a lifelong interest in architecture and gardens, Chihuly creates site-specific sculptures for a wide variety of settings, from public spaces and museums, to private homes and gardens. “I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in some way that they’ve never experienced.”

Who owns Chihuly Garden and glass?

EMBRACING THE VIBRANCY OF THE ARTS IN OUR COMMUNITY Owned and managed by the Wright family, children of Howard S. Wright II who constructed it, the Space Needle continues to be an icon for innovation, originality and imagining the future.

How did Chihuly lose eye?

Dale Chihuly remained quiet as his wife described that moment. A tear fell from beneath the recognizable eyepatch he has worn since he lost sight in his left eye in a 1976 car crash. Joey Kirkpatrick met him in 1979, when she attended Pilchuck Glass School, which Chihuly founded in the woods north of Seattle in 1971.

How do I contact Dale Chihuly?


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How old is Leslie Jackson Chihuly?

60 years (May 1, 1961)

How many people work for Dale Chihuly?

Chihuly’s vision still defines and shapes all art that leaves his studio. “He was a handyman,” Ms. Chihuly said of Mr. Moi’s role in the company, which employs about 100 people in several locations in the Seattle area.

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How many pieces has Dale Chihuly made?

More than 2,000 pieces of Dale Chihuly’s glass art sculptures hang above the registration desk at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

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