Reflection on Watercolor

For this assignment, I want you to create 1-2 pages (3 if you have a lot to say and plenty of visuals) about the watercolor process.  For this assignment, you may use old technique pages you did with Brinker, our technique pages, and/or the shattered image watercolor painting (complete image or details).

What Your Page(s) Must Have

  • A title or header, so we know what this page is about
  • Something visual on every single page (you can have more than 1 photo per page)
  • A border (do not go edge-to-edge with your work)
  • Text that demonstrates your thinking and/or reflections
  • Citations for any images or quotes that come from someone other than you
  • Transcribing of any handwritten text that is in a photo, but is not legible

Due Date

Your Process Portfolio page(s) for water color are due Monday, December 5th, by 11:00 p.m.  This is a SUMMATIVE grade.  Just have your PowerPoint or Keynote sitting in the shared folder, and I will grade it from there.


Component Points
Skills, Techniques, and Process:  the work demonstrates experimentation and manipulation of a range of skills. 0-2
Critical Investigation:  if appropriate, the student demonstrates awareness of the influence of other artists or art movements upon their own work.


Communication of Ideas and Intentions:  the student clearly articulates how their work developed from initial idea to completed work, with attention paid to techniques learned and/or ideas for other work in the future. 0-2
Reviewing, Refining, reflecting:  the student reflects upon their developing skills as an artist. 0-2
Presentation and subject-specific language:  the page(s) is/are legible, clearly designed, visually appealing, and communicate effectively, using appropriate terms/vocabulary. 1
Proper citation of any appropriated or referenced material


Score: Grade:
Pages that are incomplete are automatically a D or F, depending on degree of completion
Pages which are inappropriate by school standards are instantly disqualified