Process Portfolio

And now it is time to work on completing our Process Portfolio.  The assembling of the Process Portfolio will need to happen largely outside of class.  Below is a quick rundown of what is required.

The Process Portfolio should be created as a PowerPoint or Word document (or its equivalent).  Once all editing is done, we will convert the file over to a PDF for submission.

  • Is is a mixture of images and text, supporting each other
  • It is an External Assessment, 40% of your overall grade
  • Title your file Process Portfolio (first letter of your first name)
  • Keep the Process Portfolio file in the Process Portfolio file, within your Dropbox file


  • 9-18 slides (SL)
    • demonstrates at least 1 type of 2-D medium
      • painting
      • drawing
    • demonstrates at least 1 type of 3-D medium
      • sculpture
    • OR demonstrates at least 1 type of lens medium
      • photography
  • 13-25 slides (HL)
    • demonstrates at least 1 type of 2-D medium
      • painting
      • drawing
    • demonstrates at least 1 type of 3-D medium
      • sculpture
    • AND demonstrates at least 1 type of lens medium
      • photography

File Size
The entire file can be no larger than 20MB. We may have to scale your photos, or the file, in order to meet those requirements.  In case you need it, here is a link to a guide on reducing the size of your photo file:  size:

The Process Portfolio is designed to showcase your exploration of art medium, techniques, concept, and history.  Specifically, it is graded on the following criteria:

  • A.  Skills, Techniques, and Process:  the work demonstrates experimentation and manipulation of a range of skills.
  • B.  Critical Investigation:  if appropriate, the student demonstrates awareness of the influence of other artists or art movements upon their own work.
  • C.  Communication of Ideas and Intentions:  the student clearly articulates how their work developed from initial idea to completed work, with attention paid to techniques learned and/or ideas for other work in the future.
  • D.  Reviewing, Refining, reflecting:  the student reflects upon their developing skills as an artist.

What Qualifies as a Process Portfolio Page 
A Process Portfolio page can contain any of the following:

  • Photos of your work
  • Photos of details of your work
  • Photos of you working…on your work
  • Sketches, plans, or brainstorming for your work
  • May include photos from your sketchbook
  • Written reflections about your work
  • Samples of or experimentation with media
  • Notes about artists, artistic movements, or other sources of influence
  • Your reflections on our museum trip
  • CANNOT be an image of a work used in your Exhibition Portfolio

Citation should only be needed if you are including a direct quote from an artist or text somewhere within your work, or if you are leaning heavily on some form of appropriation.

  • You need to be sure that your are citing proper sources.  You want to use museum websites, textbooks, biographies, smart, etc. … not some random guy on Facebook.

I would suggest building your process portfolio in chunks, with 2-3 pages per topic/medium/project.

Make sure the page is fully used, and always a mixture of picture and text.

Do not use a decorative background.  It consumes unnecessary memory and clutters up the image.  Settle on a neutral, simple, solid color background.

Your fonts should always be legible.

Process Portfolio Final Draft, O

Process Portfolio, J

Process Portfolio Final Draft, E

Final Process Portfolio, A

Example Pages