IB Museum Assignment: Investigation for the Comparative Essay

For your comparative essay you will need to discuss three artworks that come from at least 2 different artists or cultures.

You have already done some light research into an artist, and made some selections from your textbook of artists that interest you.

With our museum trip we want you to once again turn to the task of seeking out artists that inspire you, that fascinate you… and that we can write about for our comparative essay.

1.Identify Three Works that Impress or Fascinate You

What I want you to do is choose three works (total) from either of the museums.  Select works that “floor” you.  Select artworks which have a strong or dramatic impact upon you, the viewer.

Begin by just looking at the art work in terms of the work itself, and what it is that interests you about the work.

You should write roughly a paragraph each for each work (3 total).  That paragraph should include:

  • Title, artist’s name, and size
  • The museum it was located in
  • Brief description of its appearance
  • Description of your impression or feelings about the work
  • Secure an image of the work if you can.  If photography of the work is not allowed, we can look for the image on the internet.

All of this can be done directly into your sketchbook.  Any secured photos can be pasted onto the page, accompanying the notes.

This will be a formative grade.

2.Fully Critique One of These Works

When you return home, I want you to select one of these three works and fully critique it.  Your critique should be done in some kind of digital format, and left in Dropbox for me to grade.

The critique will be a formative grade.

Due Dates

Both of these assignments will be due by 11:00 p.m. on Monday 12/5/16.  Both are Formative grades. The sketchbook can be graded in person or via photo in your dropbox.  The critique will be graded from your dropbox.