Exhibition Work at Home

So last week we did a sketch for a work to be completed at home.  By now it should have been graded, and hopefully we talked a little about it.

Now it is time to use that sketch.

The Assignment

You are to complete a work of art, on your own time, that would be suitable for your exhibition.  You will determine the topic and medium.

It is highly recommended that you use the sketch from the last homework, which used Rule of Thirds composition.


HL students will also need to find a way to connect this artwork not only to their theme, but to an influencing artist.  This is a requirement of your Comparative Essay that you will be completing down the road.  Connection can be because of style, theme, or technique.


Check with me regarding any materials you need.  It the materials can be loaned out to you, I would be glad to do so.  If not, you may need to make other arrangements.

The work should be no larger than a 12×18 piece of paper (and don’t forget to include a 1 inch border).  I have both drawing paper and watercolor paper that might be suitable depending on your needs.

Work Time

The assumption is that you will complete this work at home.  With that said, if you would like to come in before school or after school to work on this project (particularly if you are wanting guidance or some material I can’t check out).

I am available Monday thru Friday mornings, starting around 8 am.  I am available Monday thru Thursday afternoons until 5 pm (though check with me first if you are planning to come in on an afternoon).

You will have two weeks to complete this assignment.

In Process Photos

While you work on your artwork, I want you to take 3 in-process photos of your work.  These photos can be used later to produce a Process page in your sketchbook, and will be a part of the final grade.


Please feel free to bug me via email or before or after school if you need any help.  We have you working at home on this one, but it is not the goal of this assignment for you to work alone.


We will take two grades for this assignment.

Grade 1 is due Oct. 13th.  You will need to bring in the work (in person) so I can see it, we can discuss your progress, give advice, and record a formative grade.  Failure to do so will result in a zero.  THIS IS A GRADE THAT CANNOT BE MADE UP OR FIXED LATER.  You may bring the work in progress in before the deadline.  If you are absent on the day it is due, you are expected to bring it the day you return.

Grade 2 is due Oct 21st.  It is formative, awarded for the final product and for having 3 in process photos of your work.

The rubric for the final piece:

Component Points
Rule of Thirds Composition has been clearly and effectively applied


Demonstrates good and effective use of the selected media, to include such issues as contrast, gradations, use of techniques, etc.


Proper craftsmanship has been applied, to include issues like smudging, brush control, ghosts, or any other technique-based concern


The image is properly formatted for exhibition, to include borders, scale, etc.


The image clearly fits within the stated theme, focus, or style


In-process photos have been recorded and submitted


Proper citation of any appropriated or referenced material


Score: Grade:
Images that are incomplete are automatically a D or F, depending on degree of completion
Images which are inappropriate for school are instantly disqualified