Exhibition Portfolio

And now it is time to work on completing our Exhibition Portfolio.  This page is meant not only as a touchstone to help you navigate the Exhibition Portfolio and keep track of its requirements, but it is also our next homework assignment. Since we are working in class on making the work, the assembling of the Exhibition Portfolio will need to happen largely outside of class.  Below is a quick rundown of what is required.

The exhibition portfolio should be created as a PowerPoint or Word document (or its equivalent).  Once all editing is done, we will convert the file over to a PDF for submission.

  • It is predominantly image driven, with supplemental text
  • It is an Internal Assessment, 40% of your overall grade
  • Title your file Exhibition Portfolio (first letter of your first name)
  • Keep the Exhibition Portfolio file in the Process Portfolio file, within your Dropbox file


  • 4-7 slides, with 400 word max curatorial rationale (SL)
  • 8-11 slides, with 700 word max curatorial rationale (HL)
  • +1 side for the curatorial rationale
  • +1-2 slides for the overview of the exhibition
  • by slides they mean pages

File Size
The entire file can be no larger than 20MB. We may have to scale your photos, or the file, in order to meet those requirements.  In case you need it, here is a link to a guide on reducing the size of your photo file:  size:https://elamarthistory.com/shrinking-the-size-of-a-photo/

The exhibition is designed for you to showcase your best work, and is also to demonstrate your capacity for self-expression.  Remember that any work used for the exhibition CANNOT be used in the Process Portfolio.

The Exhibition Portfolio really only has three parts:

  • the curatorial rationale:  a 400/700 word max brief statement wherein you outline your theme or stylistic approach to your body of work.  The rationale can include such things as:
    • what your theme/style is
    • why you are expressing/exploring your theme/style
    • sources of influence (artistic, real life, etc.)
  • the exhibition overview photos:  up to two photos of the show as it was hung or displayed
  • your individual works:  4-7/8-11 pages, each dedicated to a single work.  Each page should have the following:
    • a photo of the artwork
      • a detail photo may be included, does not count towards total
    • the title, size, and medium of the artwork
    • a brief (1-2 sentences) statement of intent regarding the selected work

The exhibition portfolio is graded using the following criteria:

  • A.  Coherent Body of Works

    • all of the work seem to fit within the stated theme or style
  • B.  Technical Competence

    • the body of work demonstrates an understanding or mastery of the medium, working knowledge of viable techniques, and a sensitivity to the limitations of the medium
    • composition and the formal elements have been carefully considered and applied to the selection of works
  • C.  Conceptual Qualities
    • the body of work demonstrates expressive, contemplative, or narrative components
    • the conceptual components of the work are clearly expressed and communicated
  • D.  Curatorial Practice
    • this portion relates to the show itself, and its two sample photos
    • the work is displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner
    • the work is displayed in a way that helps support conceptual or narrative content

Citation should only be needed if you are including a direct quote from an artist or text somewhere within your work, or if you are leaning heavily on some form of appropriation.

  • You need to be sure that your are citing proper sources.  You want to use museum websites, textbooks, biographies, smart history.org, etc. … not some random guy on Facebook.

Suggested Format
I would suggest building your exhibition portfolio in the following manner:

  1. cover page
  2. curatorial rationale
  3. exhibition overview photo(s)
  4. individual works (sequenced from weakest to strongest, or with thematic/narrative/conceptual link pairings)

Below are a few examples of exhibition portfolios.

Exhibition Sample A SL (1)

Exhibition Sample B SL (1)

Exhibition Sample C HL (1)

Exhibition Sample D HL

Exhibition, A

Exhibition Portfolio, E

Exhibition Portfolio, J

Exhibition Portfolio, O

The Actual Assignment
So now that you have read all of that…

By next Monday, March 27th, I want you to construct as much of the exhibition portfolio as you can at this point.  Your submission should include:

  1. The cover page
  2. Curatorial rationale (remember that you did some work on this previously, you may want to recycle)
  3. ..and individual pages for each of your completed work.

Before break I sat down with you and reviewed which works you have so far, and which are “maybes.”  I would like you to photograph and create a page for each work you have completed so far to date.  If we end up cutting pages later, it won’t be a big deal.

This is a formative grade, but remember, this is also what you will be submitting to me for grading and IB for review for your actual certificate/diploma.