Create a Dropbox Account

Dropbox is a free online service which allows you to store, and transfer, files.  Dropbox can be shared across multiple computers, phones, and other portable devices.  The content of your folders can be private or shared with family, friends, and even your teacher.

We will use Dropbox in class to document your work, turn in homework, and to create your portfolios which will be submitted to IB.  Everyone will need a Dropbox account.

When you submit your work via Dropbox it will be confidential and you can be assured of its presence and that it was turned in.  You do not have to worry about securing disks or external drives, losing papers, printers that don’t work, or forgetting your work at home.  As soon as the file is in the folder, it is considered “turned in.”

Set Up a Dropbox Account (if you do not already have one):

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account.  You will be prompted for a display name:  use a name I would recognize.
  3. Select your account size.  Please note the smallest (2 gig) is free; you have to pay if you want more.
  4. You will be given an opportunity to watch a tutorial, which may be helpful.
  5. Install Dropbox onto your computer or device.  If it does not prompt you to do this, you can do this by clicking the “download the app” button in the upper right hand of the page.
  6. Once installed, you will have a Dropbox folder on your hard drive.  You can create folders inside the Dropbox folder, and these folders can be shared with other people.  Simply drag a desired file into the folder of your choosing, and it will be instantly shared with anyone who has permission.
  7. Once you have an account, let Mr. Elam know, and he will invite you to a shared folder where you can store and submit your work.

You will receive a grade for this task once you have informed Elam, and have a shared folder between the two of you.  Getting this task done is part of a formative grade.  This task must be completed by Thursday, 9/21.

———————————————–additional Dropbox help————————————————–

Sharing a Document, Once You Have an Account:

  1. Right click on the file you wish to share.
  2. Select “Share Dropbox Link” from the menu options.Dropbox, Folders and Share Link
  3. Paste this link in an email directed to the person you want to share the file with.

Sharing a Folder, Once You Have an Account:

  1. On your dropbox homepage, select Share a Folder.
  2. Either share an existing folder or create a new one; be sure it is labeled something I would recognize.
  3. Enter my email to invite me to share that folder:
  4. Click Share Folder.
  5. I will receive an invitation to the folder that I will accept.

If you have any questions or would like any help, please do not hesitate to ask.

Dropbox Sharing Example

Dropbox Tutorial