Comparative Essay Draft 1

So it is time to start round 1 of the Comparative Essay.  You will find all of the information (requirements, topics, formatting, etc.) that you need listed here:

The Task

You are to complete your first draft of the 10-15 page (HL +3-5 pages) comparative essay, based off of the 3 works you have selected.  For the components of the essay, see the link above.

It is called an essay, but I really want you to think:  presentation.

You are expected to construct for the three artworks you have selected:

  • an analysis of formal elements for all three works
  • an interpretation of function and purpose for all three works
  • an evaluation of cultural significance for all three works
  • a comparison of the artworks for all three works (but they can be one-to-one, it does not have to be all three at the same time)
  • a comparison/connection between the selected works and your own work HL ONLY
  • … and a works cited page

This is a rough draft so there is an expectation that there may be formatting issues, grammatical issues, etc., but you should be able to construct a rudimentary essay that might be short some of the graphics or a complete works cited.


This is to be done as a Word document, PowerPoint, or equivalent.  See the above link for more detail.

The essay/presentation should be 10-15 pages/slides in length, with and additional 3-5 slides for HL students discussing a connection between their own work and the selected works.

Title your document “Comparative Essay Draft, (your name)” and leave it in the Comparative Essay sub-folder in your Dropbox shared folder.

Due Date

This will be due Monday, March 20th, by 11:00 p.m.  This is a formative grade.  It will be the first formative grade of the 4th quarter.

While it is not due until after Spring Break, nobody wants to do work over Spring Break.  I highly recommend that you get it done before the break.


Feel free to run ideas by me, ask for help, or ask for clarification if you are confused on anything.  This is 20% of your IB Art grade… let’s make it a strong part of your overall grade.

H1 Variation

While I love the idea of an H1 student getting in practice, the truth is that you will not need to worry about this essay until next year… and I would hope that you would be able to do an even better job after another year of art.

So for you, I want something a little different.  Rather than a full essay/presentation, what I want is for you to construct a mock-up for one.  Your mock-up should include the following:

  • pages assigned to each of your selected works
  • The general layout of the essay
    • but with bullet points of things you would want to address with each piece, not complete writing
  • at least one image that you diagram/analyze

Your version will be much smaller, much simpler than the H2 version.  It might serve as the basis of your real essay next year, but at the very least will serve as a practice round for you.

You will have the same due dates and grade weights as the H2s.