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Starting Wednesday,4/25, our assignments are moving to Schoology

As the title says, starting this Wednesday (4/25) start looking for our assignments on Schoology. We will continue to use Schoology, at least until we can return to normal classes. If you want to get hold of me, I opened … Continue reading

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Assignments for IB this week

Hey gang… So, welcome to the 2nd week of spring break, I guess?  I hope you and all of yours are doing well and embracing the streaming video/online gaming life style. So we are not real sure how all of … Continue reading

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IB Reflection: Atmospheric Perspective and Figure Drawing

  Add this to your existing Process Portfolio document. How to Write a Reflection: For each artwork (Atmospheric Perspective and Figure Drawing), I want you to create 1-2 pages per artwork (3 if you have a lot to say and … Continue reading

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IB High Contrast Photos

This homework assignment is designed to generate more work for your process portfolio and also syncs well with our current in class assignment. By contrast I mean a visual contrast; a strong difference in color, texture, or value. If you … Continue reading

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IB Depth of Field Photo

For this assignment I want you to play around with photography a bit. You are to take a series of 5 original photos.  Your photos are to have the following characteristics: Choose subjects where you can play with depth of … Continue reading

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IB Reflection: Value Study, Isometric Perspective, and Broken Color

For this homework assignment, we are going to begin building our Process Portfolio pages. Create a Document Your reflections are to be recorded in PowerPoint, or Pages, whichever you have access too and are more familiar with.  If you have … Continue reading

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First Exhibition Sketch

On Wednesday we begin our first exhibition pieces.  In order to make sure you are ready, what we need is a working sketch for your first piece. Remember that your idea should configure with your statement you just drafted or … Continue reading

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IB A Coherent Body of Work

The first problem any painter faces is what to paint.  Before we lift a brush we need to know why. We have been looking at different artists to try and help start up some inspiration within you, and to get … Continue reading

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IB Comparative Essay Part 3

For this next round with the Comparative Essay, you only have 1 task: Clean up any and all issues:  formatting, grammar, spelling, citations, missing or incorrect information, etc.  Use the notes I gave you to help guide you, but you … Continue reading

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IB Comparative Essay Part 2

For this week’s assignment, we are starting the first parts of the comparative essay.  By Monday, you should accomplish the following goals: Write the background material for work 3.  Give us information about the artist’s history, art movement, personal style, … Continue reading

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