Bring Me a Cool Image!

This week’s homework assignment is nice and simple.  What I would like you to do is to find an image that you find interesting.  This image could come from:

  • a magazine
  • a book
  • the internet
  • a photo you took

You should select the image based on the following information:

  • you are going to make a watercolor painting based on the image
  • you should like the colors in your image, and are willing to reproduce them (or die trying)
  • you should like the textures in your image, and are willing to reproduce them (or die trying)
  • You are going to dramatically change the shapes and arrangement of objects (no spoilers)

We need a copy of your selected image that we can cut up, glue, and draw on.  If it’s a magazine, then it is no biggie.  If it is from some other source, then you will need to print out a copy or photo and we will go from there.  I DO have a color printer that we can use; you just need to email me your photo or the link to your photo.

The photo you bring in will be manipulated, similar to the images you see below:

Citing Sources

And since we are IB, we need to cite our sources.

This citation should be recorded in your sketchbook, and will be part of the grade.  The best way for us to cite your work would be like this:

Picture from a Book or Magazine:

“Name of photographic Ad or Article Photo Comes From.”  Magazine or Book Name, day month year, page #.

“Business: Global Warming’s Boom Town; Tourism in Greenland.” The Economist, 26 May 2007, p. 82.

Picture from a Website:

“Name of Image.” Website Name, Date You Accessed Site, url.

“Athlete’s Foot – Topic Overview.” WebMD, 25 Sept. 2014,