Better Know an Art Movement (2nd Round) 3rd Quarter

For this assignment, we are looking to do a little research into an artistic movement, a repeat of a previous assignment.  This time, we are looking for an art movement that could be contrasted or compared to your previous selection.  To select the art movement you want to research, you may use a list provided below or select one based upon your interests, previous research, or the museum visit.

Your textbook is certainly a great place to start, but you also have websites like smarthistory that can help you out, and our own campus library.  Also, feel free to ask me if I have any resources.  Depending on what you have selected I may have something in my classroom collection or in my personal collection of art books.

Once you have made your selection, you will need to provide the following information on your artist:

  1. Identify the Aims and Goals of the Art Movement:  Identify the art movement you are researching.  Identify its major concerns or goals.  For example, some art movements are in support of a religious or political goal.  Some are concerned with depicting weather or atmosphere.  Others are created as protest.  For your first paragraph tell me the major concerns of the art movement you selected.
  1. Visual Style:  Every art movement has “a look.”  For this portion, outline for me the common visual element of the art style.  Discuss any element from paint application to subject matter that seems to be a reoccurring element within the art movement.  The focus of this section is on the visual evidence you could use to identify an artwork as belonging to this particular art movement.
  1. The Players:  Most art movements (from the 1800s up) have key figures who either helped create the art movement, who helped shaped it.  Identify these key figures and what their contributions were.


The Poster Child:  Some movements do not have any records of who helped to invent or shape the style.  If that is the case, select major artists or works who best epitomize the artistic movement and then explain how they embody the goals of the art movement.

  1. Sample Artworks:  Include 4 images, examples of artwork from the artistic style or movement.  Each single image should be around the size of   2” x 3”.  Each work should be the iconic, most easily recognized works of the art movement.  Select works from a variety of artists that were a part of that movement.

As a general guideline, the entire project should not take more than two to three pages.

This is the first time this assignment has been assigned so expect that there will be unexpected problems or concerns.  Take it upon yourself to ask questions or ask for clarification.

List of Art Movements You Could Choose From:

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list, nor do you have to select from this list.  Also, choose a DIFFERENT movement than you did last time.

Abstract Expressionism Impressionism
Ancient Egypt Medieval
Ancient Greece Minimalism
Ancient Near East Modernism
Ancient Rome Neo-Classical
Baroque Photo-Realism/Super Realism
Buddhist Pop Art
Byzantine Post-Impressionism
Color Field Post-Modernism
Cubism Precisionism
Dadaism Pre-Columbian Americas
German Expressionism Realism
Global Contemporary Renaissance
Gothic Rococo
Islamic Romanesque
Fauvism Romanticism
Futurism Surrealism

Due Date

The project is due Monday, February 13th, by 11:00 p.m.  This will be a formative grade.  Remember to include your name in the file name.  I will look for it in your Dropbox.