(Video) Michelangelo: Artist and Man

In class we watched a video on Michelangelo and answered questions.  You can make up this assignment by watching the video at the following link:


or by doing a search for A&E Biography:  Michelangelo:  Artist and Man.

Answer the following questions. The questions are NOT asked in the same order as they are covered in the video, so familiarize yourself with the questions before you begin the video.

1. What year was Michelangelo born?

2. The name of the city where Michelangelo was raised and began his career: ______________.

3. Humanism, which emphasized ______________________ interests over those of the afterlife, was taking hold in Italy during Michelangelo’s lifetime.

4. As an apprentice, what painting technique did Michelangelo learn?

5. Who was the most powerful man in Florence, and a patron of the arts, who allowed the young Michelangelo to study in his palace and sculpture garden?

6. Michelangelo was influenced by the Humanistic values of the Renaissance, as well as the __________ beliefs that were prevalent at the time.

7. Which of Michelangelo’s sculptures, completed in 1500, depicts the Virgin Mary tenderly cradling the body of Christ?

A) The Pieta

B) The Last Judgment

C) The David

D) The Virgin of the Rocks

8. According to the video, which of the commissions Michelangelo received was the most challenging? How did Michelangelo feel about receiving this commission?

9. At 59 years of age, Michelangelo returned to the Sistine Chapel to paint another fresco, this one on the __________.

10. Michelangelo included his own self-portrait as a flayed human skin in which artwork?

11. Which of Michelangelo’s buildings remains one of the most famous and copied landmarks in all of architecture?