(Video) Lost Kingdoms of the Maya

In class we watched a video on the Mayan kingdom, its art and architecture, and answered questions.  You can make up this assignment by watching the video at the following link:


or by doing a search for National Geographic:  Lost Kingdoms of the Maya.

Answer the following questions. The questions are NOT asked in the same order as they are covered in the video, so familiarize yourself with the questions before you begin the video.

1. What was found in the doorway to Temple Rosa Lisa?

2. Several comparisons are drawn during the film to what were going on in Europe and the western world as the Maya flourished – list two of those comparisons.

3. What is a G.O.K. pile?

4. The Maya have a strong textile tradition, which is still in use today. What was represented by their patterns?

5. Maya warfare underwent a change during the reign of Dos Pilos. What was it like before, and what was it like afterwards?

6. Where were commoners buried, and where were nobles buried?

7. Some sites were very holy to Mayans. What would the Mayans do with old temples that were at a site where they desired to build a new temple?

8. What are the Codices and what happened to them?

9. One of the sites mentioned in the video was referred to as the Paris of the Mayan world – for it’s level of art and architecture, and it’s importance. Which site was being compared to Paris?

10. For the Mayan, what were pyramids supposed to represent?