4.4 2nd Semester Exam

For your semester test you are to create a simple still life based on the provided image, using scratchboard as your medium. Your goal is realism, with attention paid to the values, textures, and proportions that are visible. The following criteria will be used to evaluate your work:

  • The degree to which your image resembles the original, and is realistic or illusionistic in nature.
  • Your work demonstrates correct values and proportions, and makes good use of the textural nature of the process to express the subject.
  • Demonstration of proper scratchboard techniques.
  • All parts of the still- are rendered, including the background, and the work is complete.
  • Good craftsmanship, to include good scratching techniques, no distracting fingerprints or stray marks, and making full use of your board.

Use the image provided below to help you create your image.

Pineapple Still Life BWA copy of the PowerPoint that was presented in class can be seen here:

2nd Semester Test Scratchboard

The following is an example of an “A” for this assignment.

2nd Semester Test Pinapple Final Example

Example for Final Pineapple Scratchboard