(Video) Vincent Van Gogh: A Stroke of Genius

In class we watched the Biography video Vincent Van Gogh:  A Stroke of Genius.  Unfortunately this video is not available for free anywhere online.  It is, however, possible to answer these questions without watching the video.  There is a ton of information about this artist available online, everything from YouTube to Wikipedia to sites dedicated specifically to the artist. Additionally the library has quite a bit of information if you prefer books to digital.

To make up the assignment, answer the questions below and then turn in your responses.

  1. What was the name of Vincent’s brother, the one relative he was close to and who supported Vincent and his art?
  2. How would you describe Vincent’s personal life? Give two examples to back up your opinion.
  3. Name three places Vincent lived.
  4. What foreign art style influenced Vincent van Gogh?
  5. Van Gogh’s paintings changed over time, but they were always about the same things.  Who or what did Van Gogh make art about?
  6. Why did Vincent cut off his ear?
  7. To what artistic movement did Vincent belong?
  8. Name two other jobs Vincent held, besides being an artist.
  9. Name two other artists Vincent was acquainted with.
  10. How do we know so much about Vincent, his painting, and his life?
  11. How many paintings did Van Gogh sell during his life?
  12. What motivated Van Gogh to take his own life?

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