3.8 Fauvist Landscape

The Fauvists

The Fauvists were a group of artists known for their wild, subjective (made-up) color use.  They would choose their colors not based upon the real colors of an object, but based upon how they liked the interaction of those colors.  They might paint water yellow just to see that color next to another that is already on the canvas.

Their goal was to make art that was exiting and aesthetically pleasing.  Below are some examples of work by Andre Derain and Henri Matisse, two of the most influential Fauvist artists.

Choosing Your Topic

You are to create a Fauvist landscape.  Start by choosing a landscape you want to render.  This could be from a photo you have taken, a memory of a place you have been, or something that you found in a book or on the internet.


Once you have chosen your topic, do a quick sketch to plan out the composition.  Think about what you want in your picture.  Remember that you can change things from the original source photo – you can move mountains, add or switch around trees or buildings, etc.

You should also plan out your colors.  Not in the super detailed manner of our design painting, but still think about what colors you want to use.  You may just list these along the back.

The sketch is a formative grade.

Choice in Surface

You have a few choices, in addition to color.  You may do your painting on either watercolor paper or cardboard – both of these offer advantages.

You may also choose the size.  The smallest the painting may be is 9″x12″ and the largest it may be is 12″x18″.  We can also cut your surface to any size range in the middle that you want.

The Painting

The painting should start like the others, with blocking in basic colors and values.  Once blocking in is done, proceed to build up the details and textures you want.

Remember that we are looking for bold, exiting, and still attractive color use.  You may go abstract with this painting – things do not need to look realistic.

With that in mind, good craftsmanship and issues like brush control still matter.

This is a summative grade.

Below are some student examples.

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