3.7 Review & Critique: The Painting Experience

I would like you to consider and answer the following questions.  In order to answer these questions you will need to reflect back to your recent paintings and the processes you went through.  When answering these questions please be thorough and honest – the point of this exercise is to help you reflect on your practices as an artist.  For each question I am looking for a short answer – a few sentences in response.  I encourage you to use examples from your own artwork to back-up your statements.

1.  You have now completed a series of paintings:  a geometric design painted with complementary colors, an enlargement to abstraction painted with analogous colors, and a value study of three shapes painted in an achromatic color scheme.  Tell me which of these three you found the most challenging and why.

2.  You have been asked to use several different color schemes:  complementary, analogous, and achromatic.  Which color scheme did you find to be the hardest to use and why?

3.  Which color scheme did you find to be the easiest to use?

4.  You have been working with a wide range of painting tools:  a palette, palette knives, color shapers, both flat and round brushes, sponges, tape, and even a toothbrush.  Which tools do you find you like to use the most and why?

5. All artists develop preferences.  Describe to me what your favorite brush is – that brush you have to grab before anyone else can get to it.  Why do you select this brush?

6.  Do you see any improvement in your painting?  If you do, what has improved?

7.  Identify one thing about your paintings that you like and would not change.

8.  We only have one more formal painting left to do.  What would you like still like to learn about painting?

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