(Video) Cathedral

On October 24th and 25th I was absent.  In my absence the class watched a video and answered questions.  This assignment is being counted as a grade for the 2nd nine weeks.  If you missed this video, or just want to do better, you can find a link to the video here and the questions are given below.  Just watch the link, answer the videos and submit (or resubmit) your answers to me for a new grade.


Answer the following questions.  The questions are NOT in the order in which they appear in the video, so familiarize yourself with the questions before the video starts.

1.  How did the builders get the stone to the top of the building?

2.  What material was used to make the drainpipes, gutters, and roof?

3.  How does stained glass get its color?

4.  How was the stone protected during winter?

5.  Buttressing was done to relieve the force/pressure of what two things?

6.  What function did the pinnacles serve?

7.  How do cathedrals differ from castles, pyramids, and roman cities?

8.  What role did the chapter house play in the building of a cathedral?

9.  What did the freemasons do?

  1. What roles did the church play in its community?

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