Wire Figure

In class we are making wire figures.  Each figure should have the following properties:

  • Humanoid.  While it may be something like an angel or devil, the figure must have human proportions and limbs.
  • Correct human proportions.  The figure must be 7.5 heads tall, following the guidelines discussed in class and posted below.
  • The figure must demonstrate action.  Have him or her doing something – running, jumping, skiing, etc.
  • The figure needs to demonstrate volume in at least two places.  The torso and the head make natural choices.
  • The figure must be able to stand up on its own, without additional support.  Each sculpture will be subjected to a small drop test.

Correct Proportions

Spine+ Head 4 heads tall
Each Shoulder 1.5 heads wide
Both Shoulders 3 heads wide
Pelvis 1 head tall
Arm 3 heads long; each arm should reach from shoulder to just past the base of the spine/groin
Leg 4.5 heads long counting pelvis, 3.5 heads long from inseam/groin

Day 1-2
The first part of the assignment is dedicated to developing a working sketch of what you want to create.  The sketch should have two views so as to better explain what your plan is.  Include in your sketch an idea of how you plan for the figure to support itself.

This sketch is a formative grade.

Day 3-10
The rest of the time is dedicated to creating the wire figure.  Wire figures often follow one of three methods:  skeletal, contour, or a mixture of the two.  Once your approach is decided upon, the steps are as follows:

  1. create the head
  2. from the head make the spine and shoulders
  3. with additional wire add on the torso and pelvis
  4. with additional wire add on the arms and legs
  5. with additional wire create the base

The video below demonstrates how to connect two pieces of wire.

The video below demonstrates how to crimp wire.

The video below demonstrates how to construct a head, spine, and shoulders out of wire.

This video demonstrates how to make a rib cage and attach it.

Below are examples of finished sculptures

The wire figure sculpture is a summative grade.

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