2.6 Reflection and Review: Charcoal

Each question should be answered using complete sentences, or paragraphs for the longer questions.  For each question we are looking for your thoughts and ideas – the best way to get this across is by being detailed in your answer and fully explaining yourself.  You are being graded on the quality of your responses – your ability to express yourself through these answers.

1.  Tell me two ways to lighten charcoal in a charcoal drawing.

2.  How can you create highlights and details in a charcoal drawing?

3.  All artists develop preferences when it comes to the materials they use.  For you, how does charcoal compare to using a pencil?  Which do you consider better, and why?

The Pineapple Drawing
4.  Explain, in writing, the steps you took to create the drawing of the pineapple, from start to finish.

5.  Explain what you did to recreate the texture of the pineapple in your drawing.

6.  What did you find to be the most difficult about this drawing?  This could be anything from the object, the material, or part of the process.  Explain to me why you felt this was difficult.

Comparing the Two Drawings
7.  Of your two charcoal drawings (3 shapes and the pineapple) which drawing did you feel you were the most successful with?  Explain to me why you think that drawing was more successful than the other.

8.  One drawing was based off a photo, and one was based of viewing the actual object.  Of these two ways to work, which do you feel was easier, and why?

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