How to Draw the Face

In class we did a series exercises to help with understanding how to draw a face over the course of five to seven days.

We began by writing down notes on the proportions of the face.

Proportions of the face:

Eyes 1 eye width apart
Nose Middle third of the face, 1 eye wide at the base
Face Divided into thirds:

•Hairline to eyebrow
•Eyebrow to base of nose
•Base of nose to chin
•1/3 of the way down from the nose to the chin
•The corners of the mouth line up with the middle of the eyes
Ears Rest in the middle third of the head
Full height of the head Divides into halves:

•Top of the head to the middle of the eyes
•Middle of the eyes to the chin
Width of the head at the level of the eyes ½ an eye width from the corner of the eye

We then did a drawing of a face using these proportions.  The activity was designed to help demonstrate how these proportions actually work together.  We covered the ratios needed to place the eyes, nose, etc. correctly and to scale.

2013-12-10 16.21.26

After completing this drawing of proportions, we flipped the page over and began the next part.

How to draw the parts of the face:

The second part was a “how to” exercise, focused on the techniques necessary to draw convincing facial parts.  For both of these we worked on the project as a group; I would demo in class how to draw an eye, and then we all drew an eye.

2013-12-10 16.21.19

In the link below is the PowerPoint that was used to teach this lesson.  While it is not quite the same as having been present for the presentation, it does provide much of the same information.  Please note that information that is needed is available not only on the slide, but in the notes section below it.

1.Where and How to Draw a Face

The following are videos we used in class to demonstrate the shading techniques for each part of the face.

Video showing how to draw eyes.

Video showing how to draw the nose.

Video showing how to draw the mouth.

Video showing how to draw the ear.

Video showing how to draw hair.

An additional video on hair.

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