Still Life in Two Values

You are going to draw a still life using only two values.  What I want you to do is try and see the still life in terms of only black and white.  This should help you to see where the shadows are on an object.  First, draw the still life as observed very lightly with a pencil.  Afterwards, they should begin to render out the dark areas (medium grays to black) as black.  Do this even if it causes the loss of details or edges.

Since details are naturally lost when value is reduced to only two extremes, allow one shape to blend into another if they are of the same value.  This idea is referred to as “lost edges” and is often employed by artists to create interesting patterns.

Pay attention to the shapes made by the interaction of what is black and white.  The shapes should be interesting, and the negative space should be just as interesting as the positive space.  The objects should be recognizable, but this value reduction is just another step towards abstraction from observation.  Only light areas should be left white.

Be sure to keep your drawing free of ghosts, smudges, etc.  The full craftsmanship rules apply here.

Below I have included an example.  This is not for you to copy, but just to help you figure out the assignment.  I have also included a photo of the still life for you to work from.