Five Shapes & Fix This Drawing

Perspective Definitions

Mechanical Perspective:  a method of depicting a 3-dimensional (3-D) space on a flat surface using vanishing points.

Recede:  to move back or away.

Picture Plane:  the surface of your image.  Literally the paper (or whatever material) you are drawing on, painting on. etc.

Horizon Line:  an imaginary line where sky meets ground.  Also, eye-level.

Vanishing Point:  an imaginary point in space where all things seem to disappear.

Orthogonal Line:  perspective lines that point to the vanishing point.

Five Shapes

Using a single vanishing point on a horizon line, render the following shapes as 3-dimensional forms.  Be sure to cut off each form; do not let them run on infinitely.  Erase any unneeded lines and try to avoid ghosts.

Fix This Drawing

Below is a crude image that is two-dimensional. You are to redraw this image using the rules of perspective so as to make everything look three-dimensional.  Some items can be drawn and then corrected.  Some items must be corrected from the start.

Be sure to set a horizon line and a single vanishing point for all of your objects to be set to.

If you need some help on this at home, here is a decent website with a refresher.

Assessment: graded for correct and accurate use of mechanical perspective.  This is a formative grade.