Still Life Drawing

For a summative, we did a three-day drawing of a still life.  You are to draw this still life as you see it.  Remember:  draw what you see, not what you know.  Try to match shapes and proportion as close as possible.  Also remember that we are looking for a convincing drawing, not a perfect one.  At the end of the day, your job is to fool the viewer into thinking that what you drew was how it looked.  For example, I do want to see a textured decoration on the column, but it does not need to be the exact design.  This still life was to be rendered fully using line – you do not need to shade.

It was evaluated using the full grading rubric and codes discussed in class.

If you still need to work on yours, here is a reproduction of the image.  It is most likely not from your view, but hopefully you can be creative and find a way to make it work!