Critique: One-Point Perspective Interior Drawing

In class we went over a series of questions about the drawing of a room that you had completed.  These questions were designed to have you reflect on the process and think about what you have accomplished.


These questions were taken as a formative grade.  Since the answers are largely subjective, your opinion, There are not really any “wrong” answers.  What I am looking for instead in your writing is the clarity and depth of your thinking.  Each of the following questions should be answered in a paragraph format so as to be able to best get your ideas across to me clearly.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose to draw the room that you did?  Why did you select the objects and details that you did?
  2. What aspect of using mechanical perspective did you find the most difficult?  You may refer to something specific in this drawing, or you may mention something that bugged you through out all of the assignments.
  3. What about your interior drawing are you the most proud of?  This could be any aspect, from how you drew it, to your ideas, to what your subject matter was.
  4. Tell me one thing that you would improve about your interior drawing.  Tell me why you would change or improve that thing.
  5. Describe for me (in writing) the steps you would take to turn a square into a three-dimensional cube using one-point perspective.

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