Wrapped Object

For this assignment, we had a collection of objects covered with a sheet, tied with a rope. This was done in order to help us focus on the main idea we have been working on: draw what you see, and not what you know. By eliminating what you know about an object, we hopefully forced you have to really look at the shapes you are trying to draw.

If you are doing this at home, you may work from the attached photo, or you may create your own wrapped object. To create a wrapped object, take some household items or furniture (chairs, blenders, lamps, etc) and cover them with a sheet. Then use a rope or something similar to pull in the sheet so it conforms to the shape of the object.

Once you have your wrapped object prepared, begin your drawing with a simple contour outline of the mass. From there, render out the ropes. Then record the major creases and fold of the object. Remember: a good drawing is like a good lie – it has just enough truth in it so as to be believable.

This drawing will be assessed for its accuracy, completion, and for your use of the page. Make sure your drawing comes close to touching three sides of your page.