Multiple Views of an Object

Select an object from your environment.  It may be something in the room with you, or something in your possession.

On a single sheet of paper I want you to render 3 different views of the object that you brought to class.  Let the drawing be a clean contour drawing, devoid of any shading.  Arrange the objects across the page, and it is O.K. to let the shapes overlap each other.  Make sure that you are making use of the full sheet of paper.  Your drawings should touch at least three sides of your paper.

If your 3 drawings do not fill the page, touching at least 3 sides of your page, you will have to draw more views.  The page must be fully used.

Try to be as accurate as possible.  Don’t forget to draw what you see and not what you know.  This is a very important idea that we have harped on a lot already, and will harp on some more, but it cannot be over stressed.  Really look at your object and the shapes that it is made of.  Render those shapes instead of rendering the object.

Assessment:  Grade for accuracy, completion, and use of the page.