Cityscape Drawing

You are to invent or record some kind of exterior space.  This could be a city, a neighborhood, or even a farm.  Geometric structures work best with this assignment.  It may be a real place, such as New York or San Antonio, or it may be an invented space, like a fantasy castle, a lunar base, etc.

This space is to be rendered three-dimensional using one-point Perspective.  You are to use a single horizon line in order to make everything in your image appear to have a sense of depth.  Your image should have a total of 10 different structures that use the vanishing point.  “Structures” could include any of the following:  buildings, signs, balconies, window ledges, cross-walks, parking lots, etc.  Remember that organic structures do not work well, geometric structures use vanishing points.

Be sure to keep your drawing free of ghosts, smudges, etc.  The full craftsmanship rules apply here.  Make sure you are drawing an interior space; we will be doing an exterior (and more challenging) drawing later.

This is a 5-day assignment, so you will want to continue what you have started already when you return to class.  If you were provided a ruler, return it to the ISS teacher when you are done.  If not, ask to use some form of straight edge to help you out.  Books, IDs, and folders can all work.

This is a summative grade.

Below I have included an example as a reminder.  This is not for you to copy, but just to help you out when figuring out how to use the vanishing point.  A refresher on perspective can be found here.