Upside-Down Drawings

During the first week, we did two upside-down drawings.  These were done as an exercise to help us learn to draw what we see, rather than what we know.

If you are working at home on this assignment, do the following for each of the attached images.

  • View the image as it is presented, upside down.  Do not try to correct or flip the image.  You may work from it on your monitor, or print the image.
  • Begin to draw the image as you see it.  Do not try to correct or straighten the image. Do not think “Oh, that is a hand, I know what a hand looks like” and then draw a hand.  Instead, think of the image in terms of lines and shapes.  If you see a line with a single angle, draw a line with the same type of angle
  • Break the drawing down into simple steps.  Start from a corner you are comfortable with, and draw the first line.  Then draw the next.

If you did not do these images in class, or need to finish them, just finish them up and turn them in to get your grade corrected!

This is a formative grade.