Study Aids

To be successful in this course, it does sometimes take that something extra.  Whether it is additional effort, a different approach, or a new tool that helps you, it is often worth trying out new ideas or new things to see if they work for you.

Books and CD-ROMS

REA is a publishing company that puts out quite a few study aids for AP courses – they may have something for one of your other courses as well as for this one.  They offer two products:

AP Art History Crash Course Book

AP ART History Book with Practice Test

Spark Charts

Spark Charts are small, fold out charts that provide highlights of core material of any given academic subject.  They are made for a wide range of AP disciplines and their Art History one is pretty good.  While it will not make you a genius of Art History, it is a cool little “oh yeah!” study aid that can be stuck in any 3 ring binder.

Spark Chart

iPhone Apps

Oh, where would we be without our mobile apps.  This app is a flash card app that can be customized anyway you want.  There are some already fabricated Art History flash card banks, or you may want to make your own.  Either way, this beats having to drag your textbook around so you can study from the bench or during a break at work.

Flashcards Deluxe

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